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Useful Links
Animated programs for learning in various disciplines and grade levels.
Is a not-for-profit group with the goal of changing education for the better by providing a free world-class education for anyone anywhere. 
This website provides wonderful Language Arts resources for early readers and is especially helpful for Kindergarten-Second grade. There are sight word games, ABC activities, short, interactive storybooks, and much more!
Although this website includes a myriad of great resources for different subjects, the activities in the math games section are especially helpful for elementary students. These games help students practice what they have learned in class in a fun, interactive way.
This is a great free site for students to get extra help in Mathematics from Elementary through College.
This is a great site for getting extra help in math from elementary through High School.
This is a website that ICS pays for and is for elementary students.  It gives them a great opportunity to improve their reading skills.
This is a website that ICS also pays for our students to practice their math skills.  Take advantage of this site which will help our students in improving their math and English skills.
This is a link to our on-line network learning school.  This will help our High School students taking AP classes or for grade repair or credit recovery.
This website contains homework helpers, book lists, events at the library, new technologies for teachers, and MORE!
This website has videos of teachers reading books to students.

Kids Internet Guide
Internet Guide for Kids.
This website also has free books online.
This website has many electronic books in different languages (including Farsi!)
This website has educational games for grades K-5th.
This website practices important sight words.
This website has good resources for parents and kids.
This website has free educational materials.
This website has worksheets to print and practice your child’s handwriting.
Tips for Homeschooling Math.